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Unlike many of the dozens of highly learned and noteworthy theologians, bishops, professors, and renowned Catholics who have read, endorsed, and promoted Valtorta’s work, we am aware of several controversies with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Therefore, in order to address some of these controversies, we have a note below for those who have concerns about Mother Teresa.

We are aware that Mother Teresa of Calcutta said some heterodox things on several occasions not consistent with true Catholic teaching. We do not support those heterodox comments. However, regarding her virtue and exemplary work in the corporal works of mercy, there are relatively very few Catholic souls in the world who did as much as she did in this area in modern times. Therefore, despite her incorrect theological understanding of the Catholic Faith in certain areas, her works of mercy are still extraordinary and her personal work and the 4,500 religious she inspired to perform corporal works of mercy in 133 countries changed the lives of tens of thousands of people, and therefore, her support and use of Valtorta is still a significant testimony to most Catholics.

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