Maria Valtorta - A Victim Soul


Maria Valtorta was born in Italy in 1897, and during her early adulthood she offered her life as an "Act of Self-Offering to Justice and Love as a Victim", for the redemption of souls. Maria suffered from a debilitating and painful back injury, which caused her to be bed-ridden for the last 28 years of her life, till her death in 1961.

A born writer, Maria completed her Autobiography shortly before she began to receive dictations from Jesus and Mary early in 1943 – which served as preparation and formation for her major "Work" – a series of visions and dictations of the lives of Jesus and Mary, from before Mary was born till after Her Assumption into Heaven. This Work was ultimately assembled and translated into the five English volumes of The Poem of the Man-God. There are five other volumes of Maria’s "essential" writings, which continued to 1951

During these years of writing, although sitting up in bed and suffering a great deal, Maria was assisted by Jesus in a miraculous way, and faithfully recorded in exercise books what she saw and heard – under His watchful and compassionate eye. Jesus kept control of the writing and subsequent typing process, ensuring that everything Maria recorded, plus the copying, were exactly as had been given to her.

Maria Valtorta was indeed a victim soul, who joined her suffering to that of Jesus and Mary for the salvation of souls. Her life was saintly, her mission God-given, and her writings became a blessing and joy for millions of world-wide Valtorta readers.

Jesus says to Maria Valtorta:

"…I had chosen you before you existed, to be the voice of the Voice of Jesus the Master. I have waited for this hour, Maria, with the heart of a father and spouse; I have followed you with my gaze, patiently awaiting the hour to tell you My Will and My Word. Nothing was hidden from Me about what you would do that was less good, but neither was anything hidden about what you would dare to do, from the moment you would hurl yourself into the current of love...

(The Notebooks: 1943, pp. 359-60)



 (From a learned Valtorta reader:)

"This book brings together and interleaves many items that would have gone unnoticed... and provides a ‘first ever’ look at the actual sequence of events in her life. Hence for the ‘believers’ it is an essential fact book... It includes several key statements... and shows your detailed knowledge of her work. It is very impressive in that sense..."

"(And from the webmaster of a popular Valtorta site:)

"I carefully read over [the last two chapters] as you requested. I think they are an excellent summation of the history of Valtorta's [rather Christ's] ‘Poem...’ and provide a fine update for refuting any further objections to the Work as being condemned by the Church..."


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